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2014-15 OHSAA State Champs.   Photos courtesy of Impact Action Sports Photography.  www.impactactionphotos.com

High School Tournaments


2015-2016 High School Tournaments

Only tournaments submitted by 2015-2016 members of the Ohio High School Bowling Coaches Association (OHSBCA) will be posted on this website.

To download a 2015-2016 membership form, Click HERE


To post a tournament entry form on this site, the form must:

1.  Be in compliance with OHSAA bowling regulations. 

2.  Have the tournament manager's name, cell phone number, and E-mail address listed on the form.

3.  Be submitted in a PDF format ONLY (multiple pages combined into a single PDF allowed).


Sat. 11.28.15 Ravenna Ravens Tournament Kent
Sat. 12.5.15 The 12th Annual Ohio State Invitational "Kick-Off" Tournament  (sold-out) Columbus
Sat. 12.5.15 Panther Challenge Tournament Norton
Sun. 12.13.15 Eagle Challenge Tournament North Olmsted
Sat. 12.19.15 The Team USA "Experience" Tournament Centerville (Dayton)
Mon. 1.18.16 The Baker Bash Tournament Beavercreek (Dayton)
Sat. 1.23.16 Jaguar Baker Marathon Tournament Columbus
Sat. 1.30.16 Central District Preview Columbus