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                  photos courtesy of Impact Action Sports Photography, official photographer of the OHSAA finals.  www.impactactionphotos.com

High School Tournaments


2014-2015 High School Tournaments

Only tournaments submitted by 2014-2015 members of the Ohio High School Bowling Coaches Association (OHSBCA) will be posted on this website.

To download a 2014-2015 membership form, Click HERE


To post a tournament entry form on this site, the form must:

1.  Be in compliance with OHSAA bowling regulations. 

2.  Have the tournament manager's name, cell phone number, and E-mail address listed on the form.

3.  Be submitted in a PDF format ONLY (multiple pages combined into a single PDF allowed). We will no longer accept

     Excel, WORD, or other formats for website posting.


Sat.  12.6.14 The Ohio Invitational "Kick-Off" Tournament (entry form coming 6.1.14) Columbus