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UPS / FedEx Ship-To-Address


529 Windsor Park Drive

Centerville, OH 45459

Dave Sievers

Coach, Elder (Cincinnati) H.S. - SW

Doug Smith

Coach, Zanesville H.S. - E/SE

Julie Wells

Coach, Westerville Central H.S. - C

Vince Yoder

Coach, Triway H.S. - NE

U.S. Mail Address


P.O. Box 750996

Centerville, OH 45475-0996

Contact Us

Greg Coulles

Executive Director, OHSBCA

OHSAA Rules Interpreter & State Tournament Manager

937.602.1475 - cell

Jenny Martin-Clarke

Secretary / Treasurer, OHSBCA

2016-2018 Board of Directors

Rick Hartings - Vice President

Coach - Coldwater H.S - NW.

Michael Phillips

Coach - Mentor H.S. - N.E.

Jerry Rich

Proprietor, Rich Lanes - NE

Frank Ruggerie - President

OHSAA Tournament Manager

Proprietor, Colerain Bowl - SW